2019 Programme details

All workshops bookable by contacting YWSPrize@outlook.com

Location Venue Title/Intro no of w/shops Date Places avail
Selkirk Bowhill The House Breathes – Bowhill has witnessed the comings and goings of many people. They leave signs of their presence in the layout of the house, the objects they collected and whispers of stories of fascinating and dramatic times. During an Imagining History workshop stories rise from the world you find yourself in and travel through your imagination on to the page in front of you. 1 Tues 18 Jun


Edinburgh Trinity House of Leith They Went To Sea – exploring the social and personal histories, uncovering the untold stories of Edinburgh’s relationship with the sea and sea faring. Trinity House of Leith is a hidden and rich resource of information, artefacts and knowledge. Exploring the building is to travel back and forward between the 13th Century and the present day. 1 Fri 21Jun Completed
London The Wallace Collection The Time Traveller’s Map. At the Wallace Collection, the house and the works of arts and craft on show hold worlds of stories. We have only the imagination, inspiration and whispers of the touch of artists, makers and collectors as our guide. Each object is a time traveller’s map on a journey from the present day back to the time of its creation. 2 Tues 2 Jul

Tues 16 July





Vector - Blue NM

Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell Starting with Samson – Imagining History has a unique way of opening up the world of stories in and around historical objects. The statue of Samson has been part of Norwich life for centuries – explore what he might have seen, heard and experienced in his lifetime.

All workshops 2-4pm

Open workshop:  People and Things- finding stories in objects

Focused workshop:   Tales of Sampson: Seeing through the eyes of the past

Focused workshop:  Tales of Sampson: Intrigue and Betrayal- the power.








Sat 6 July


Tues 9 July


Weds 10 July













Woodbridge, Suffolk Sutton Hoo The border between myth, legend, and history. Sutton Hoo is the beginning of the story of our country. It is the perfect place for a fiction writer. You will for sure find stories that no-one else will have thought of – because you are there, exploring, being inhabited by the spirits of the past! 1 Mon 8 July


booking closed
Aylsham, Norfolk


Blickling The People That Changed the Land – Blickling has witnessed the comings and goings of many people. Signs of their presence tell of fascinating and dramatic times. Come and experience the Imagining History way. Stories rise up out of the land and travel through your imagination into your writing 1 Thurs 11 Jul 15
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Vector - Blue NM

Elizabethan House Psycho-geographical History in Great Yarmouth –We walk through the historic streets of Yarmouth to map past lives held between the shoreline and the quayside. Yarmouth has hidden depths and extraordinary faces. Come and explore the Imagining History way of digging under the surface for great stories set in the past.

During this workshop we will walk a path from the seaside to the quayside, ending up at the Elizabethan House.

1 Fri 12 Jul 15


Trerice, Penhallam Manor Stories from the Land – an adventure in Cornish time travel. Imagining History will take you to two very different historical places and bring you into contact with all sorts of new ideas in your writing.
Things you could never have known anything about before you started will help you develop stories that will amaze you.
At the end of it all you will present an excerpt of your work live at the North Cornwall Book Festival.
4 5 July (Field visit)
12 July (in-school)     Sept tbc (Field Visit)
Sept/Oct tbc (in-school)

11 Oct  Public reading

booking closed

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