The Imagining History Programme UK

IHUK 2023 comes to an end

IHUK 2023 is completed. An overview of the work we did between May and September.

A Unique Response to these times

An introduction to Times Shifting – New Voices from a Changed World. Read the background to Imagining History UK’s groundbreaking publication showcasing the work of 15 young international writers.

Just Write!

The Imagining History Programme UK has developed a series of vision games, explorations and thinktasks to awaken and exercise your writer’s mind. Perhaps you want to write an entry for the Young Walter Scott Prize, perhaps you’ve had… Read More

In the wind of Curiosity – young adults writing Historical Fiction

Curiosity, Movement, Memory and Writing. Creative non-fiction writer, Malachy Tallack in his autobiography of exploration, 60 Degrees North writes Human beings have always moved from here to there…with a combination of memory, acquired knowledge and curiosity He goes… Read More

What inspired YOU to write?

  The winner of the 2018 11-15yrs Young Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction (YWSP), Jenny O’Gorman from Edinburgh, was inspired by a striking memorial to those who died during the Irish Potato Famine. Her story Shadow of… Read More

Imagining History UK 2019

Imagining HistoryUK Historical Fiction workshops for teenage writers in Summer and Autumn 2019. Workshops in Edinburgh, Scottish Borders, Norfolk, Suffolk, London and Cornwall.

2019 Imagining History UK Programme announced

The Young Walter Scott Prize is proud to announce the 2019 Imagining History UK Programme. 14 workshops for teenage writers that explore the writing skills and creative research that build a work of Historical Fiction. Workshops are held… Read More

Flightpaths of Historical Inspiration

where entrants to the Young Walter Scott Prize 2017 found their inspiration

They come from all over, and they are thinking hard!

Apart from being Creative Director of The Imagining History Programme UK I am also Director of The Young Walter Scott Prize. The two things are inextricably related, both in their foundation and in their inspiration.  I am so… Read More