The Practicalities

Workshop format

Our basic day format is a one-day event beginning at 10/10.30am and finishing at 2.30/3pm. Throughout the day, as much time as possible is given for personal writing time.  To energise and focus the writing, thinktasks are dropped into the mix by our team, as well as interventions from associated experts. At the end of the day, sharing of story fragments, ideas and inspirations is encouraged but not required.

We are evolving different structures in response to proposals that we receive from our partners. We have recently developed a 4-day Integrated format and a Residency format.

Read more about our workshop structures here.Blickling, Norfolk 

We work with groups of young people aged between 11 and 19 years (secondary school-age students) from schools and who are home-educated. We have often offered workshops to coincide with the age-categories of The Young Walter Scott Prize (11-15 yrs, 16-19yrs), but we are more and more open to a more vertical idea of age-group mixing.

Our workshops are often spent entirely outdoors

We work with young people who are passionate about writing and what it offers their creative expression. Our group-size is set at 15, plus or minus one or two. IMG_6968.jpgThis allows our participants to feel that their creative needs are being met during what is a very intensive day.

We have worked with specific categories of students – pupil premium, gifted and talented, home-educated – and we are committed to exploring ways to open up our workshop offer in terms of diversity and accessibility.

The nature of our workshop day is immersive and experiential, and can often be entirely conducted outdoors. Wherever we can, we negotiate special access to areas of venues often not seen by members of the general public.

During the workshops, young writers work with writer-educators, arts-educators and wherever possible ‘experts’ associated with the particular venue or theme.

All of our workshops are free to participants. Participating schools, parents and responsible adults provide transport to and from our venues. Food and refreshments are not provided.

Read some of the feedback from participants here.

All workshop-leading adults are fully DBS-checked (PVG-checked in Scotland). Associated adult ‘experts’ are fully accredited by participating venues.

For more information please use the contact form on this website, or email Alan Caig Wilson at

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