Times Shifting Press Release


29 March 2021

The Imagining History Programme UK



TIMES SHIFTING – New Voices from a Changed World

During the UK’s first COVID lockdown, 15 diverse, young international writers were brought together by The Imagining History Programme UK.

The aims were:

1. to explore, study, exchange experiences and write about the current historical moment as it was happening

2. to use the shared resource of information to create a piece of Historical Fiction written from an imagined future.

The result is Times Shifting – New Voices from a Changed World. An anthology of fiction, contemporary fable, creative non-fiction, poetry and collected images

Brave voices, mentored and inspired to create an intellectual somersault that imagines both a future world and a future world looking back at a decisive historical event.


For more information contact:

Alan Caig Wilson


The Imagining History Programme UK


The Imagining History Programme UK is the education and outreach project of The Young Walter Scott Prize http://www.ywsp.co.uk

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