Creative fieldwork for passionate young writers. 

“I was surprised how much I could be influenced by these facts – that I was able to come up with my own story…”

The Young Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction has developed The Imagining History Programme to introduce young writers to the limitless world of Historical Fiction. Merging physical exploration with innovative thought journeys, the historical environment becomes a source of new ideas, genuine personal discovery and pathways to creative satisfaction for teenage minds.

Why write historical fiction?

…historical fiction is a close relative of history, but not simply a retelling of the lectures we learned to dread in high school. We write historical fiction, and read it, not to learn about history so much as to live it. It is the closest we can get to experiencing the past without having been there. We finish a history and think “So that’s what happened!”

We finish a work of historical fiction, catch our breath, and think “So that’s what it was like!”

 H Scott Dalton What is Historical Fiction? 

…what you have developed is truly an eye-opening approach to history. The special value of the YWSP workshops consists in the fact that each case is tailored to the particular location and community.

Dr Dina Gusejnova, lecturer in History at the University of Sheffield

“I had some great ideas about history which I don’t often get. I really wanted to finish my story…”