Adventures in Time Travel  

Creative fieldwork for passionate young writers.

Imagining History UK sets up workshops in historical places, places where past lives come alive and where your inspiration can take you deep under the skin of what you see and experience.

Our workshops become a source of new ideas, genuine personal discovery and creative satisfaction for writers. We use techniques that guide your physical exploration of a place and add thought journeys that allow you to unfold and unpack the lives of the people who might have lived there.

An IHUK workshop is much more than a history lesson. It is a four-dimensional adventure – an adventure in time travel.

Why write historical fiction?

…historical fiction is a close relative of history… We write historical fiction, and read it, not to learn about history so much as to live it.

It is the closest we can get to experiencing the past without having been there.

We finish a history and think “So that’s what happened!”

We finish a work of historical fiction and think “So that’s what it was like!”

H Scott Dalton, What is historical Fiction?

We are our history – it is the source of our identity and our sense of belonging. Out of our feeling for who we are comes our creativity, and in turn our creativity gives us a greater feeling for who we are and how we think. IHUK respects the sources of your creativity as a writer, your individual sense of belonging and your growing confidence in the way you chose to express yourself.

Imagining History UK has devised ways to make you completely comfortable in extending your creativity in ways you might not have expected, but which open new doors in the way you write. Our unique range of inspirational writing and exploring tasks take you effortlessly into new areas of thinking and doing.

I was surprised how much I could be influenced by these facts – that I was able to come up with my own story…

I had some great ideas about history which I don’t often get. I really wanted to finish my story…

participants on past workshops

The team at The Imagining History Programme UK (IHUK is made up of arts educators, professional writer/educators, academic historians, art historians and internet content creators. IHUK grew out of The Young Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction (YWSP). Both are based partly in the philosophy and practice of Arts Council England’s much-missed and highly successful Creative Partnerships programme, which introduced school and sixth-form students all over England and Wales to amazing new ways of learning through creativity.

Imagining History UK during COVID

Imagining History UK workshops in real-life historical places will be back soon, but until then we continue online and in the unlimited world of your imagination. Check out our ground-breaking project Times Shifting – which used the present world of COVID and lockdown as history and asked an international group of young writers to imaging writing from the future. The anthology of amazing writing produced by participants will be published very soon.

We are currently developing new online workshops ideas and beginning to plan our in-real-life workshops for when lockdown ends and we can all meet again and start exploring together. Check out our facebook page – facebook.com/imagininghistoryUK – for more information as well as other interesting stuff to inspire you.

Contact us if you are interested in joining our online projects.

Just Write!

For now, head to our Just Write page. If you have never tried Historical Fiction, the thinking, writing and imagining exercises you find there will get you started on your Adventure in Time Travel. If you are already a Historical Fiction writer, then perhaps our ideas will give you new food for thought.

If you are a young writer, read on here for an introduction and a more detailed breakdown to what to expect from an Imagining History UK workshop.

If you are a teacher/educator or heritage venue manager and you would like to know more about our history, vision and programmes, start your journey here.