Partners & Collaborators

What follows is a list of partner organisations and venues with whom we have collaborated since our establishment.

The programme began in 2015 with two participating venues. Appropriately, we made our first steps at Abbotsford House, the family home of Sir Walter Scott, source and repository of his genius. At the urging of the Writers Centre in Norwich, Blickling Hall in Norfolk became our first English venue. The management of this forward-looking place continues to be loyal in support of our work.

This sector of experiential learning is currently in a process of national development. We are proud to have been in many ways the first to set up this type of integrated workshopping on a national scale. We are in a continual process of development regarding venues, partners, schools, and workshop models.

Our especial gratitude goes to Historic Environment Scotland/IlluminateUK, Blickling Hall, the Young Norfolk Arts Trust for spotting early the rich potential in the development of the connection between young creative writers and the historical environment.

Heritage Engagement Organisations

  • Historic Environment Scotland (HES)
  • National Trust for England (NT)
  • Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust (BLHT)
  • The Abbotsford Trust (AT)
  • Coke Estates (Education) (CE)
  • Norfolk Museums Service (NMS)
  • English Heritage (EH)

Historical Venues


  • Trinity House of Leith (HES)
  • Craigmillar Castle (HES)
  • Caerlaverock Castle (HES)
  • Bowhill House (BLHT)
  • Drumlanrig Castle (BLHT)
  • Abbotsford (AT)


  • Boughton (BLHT)

Isle of Man

  • Manx National Museum, and the City of Douglas


  • Norwich Castle (NMS)
  • Holkham Hall (CE)
  • Blickling (NT)
  • Elizabethan House, Great Yarmouth (NMS/NT)

Suffolk/North Essex

  • Flatford Mill (Field Studies Centre) (NT)
  • Sutton Hoo (NT)


  • Launceston Castle (EH)
  • Penhallam Manor (EH)

Local Councils

  • Edinburgh City Council – Creative Learning
  • Scottish Borders Council – Creative Learning
  • LIVE Borders – Creative Learning and Libraries
  • Norfolk County Council – Education Services & Libraries Service


  • North Cornwall Book Festival
  • Borders Book Festival
  • Young Norfolk Arts Festival –

Heritage Learning

Creative Writing Competitions

  • The Young Walter Scott Prize (YWSP) for Historical Fiction –

We are grateful to the ongoing insights, wisdoms and encouragement of these organisations.

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