Just Write!

The Imagining History Programme UK has developed a series of vision games, explorations and thinktasks to awaken and exercise your writer’s mind. Perhaps you want to write an entry for the Young Walter Scott Prize, perhaps you’ve had a dream about a story, perhaps you have an idea that just won’t leave you in peace till you write it. Whatever the reason Just Write!

History is held in the spaces in front of us – that could be in a place, a photograph, a daydream. During an IRL (in real life) workshop in a historical place, IHUK explores the spaces by moving around them, using the five senses as a first step in uncovering what they have to tell a writer.

But it is also true that the human imagination has no limits. In our minds we can go anywhere, do anything, talk to anyone, imagine any outcome – we are limitless. Our online workshops help to channel the imagination – to help you step into the world that you can imagine.

The German writer Goethe said:

Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it! Action has magic, power and grace!
Head to our Just Write page, you can find a sequence of thinking, writing and exploring tasks that help you get your idea from your mind on to the page in front of you.
Just write!

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