The Imagining History Programme UK

IHUK 2023 comes to an end

IHUK 2023 is completed. An overview of the work we did between May and September.

Flightpaths of Historical Inspiration

where entrants to the Young Walter Scott Prize 2017 found their inspiration

They come from all over, and they are thinking hard!

Apart from being Creative Director of The Imagining History Programme UK I am also Director of The Young Walter Scott Prize. The two things are inextricably related, both in their foundation and in their inspiration.  I am so… Read More

Introducing our Historical Adviser

Meet Dr Dina Gusejnova, lecturer and researcher in Modern History at Sheffield University and author/presenter of the BBC Radio 4 documentary Tarpaulin-A Biography . We collaborated with her on an oral history project on the Isle of Man in… Read More